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Euphyllia Ancora


Euphyllia Ancora

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Euphyllia ancora

Species description

Euphyllia ancora is one of the more desirable corals in the LPS group, the large-polyp hard corals. Breeding this species is quite easy. But the aquarium must be mature. The polyp stalks, resembling strongly curved horseshoes, are freely moved by the water current. Their delicate structure makes them susceptible to mechanical damage. Unlike other Euphylla it does not divide into so called heads, but grows in one polyp which can reach very large sizes.

Site selection (aggression, light flow)

Euphyllia are relatively aggressive towards other types of corals. The long range of their polyps makes it necessary to choose a location for them some distance away from competitors.


The lightshould be weak to moderate, they do well in slightly dim light, so they are well suited for planting in the lower parts of the aquarium. They need about 2 weeks to adapt to stronger light. 


Water flow around the coral is necessary and cannot be too low, especially if the Euphylias are fed regularly by the keeper. However, they should not be placed in too strong a water current. This applies especially to small specimens.

Water parameters

Euphylia glabrescens thrives in an environment with slightly elevated concentrations of macroelements. The best breeding results are obtained with nitrates between 5 - 15 mg/l and phosphates around 0.1 mg/l and KH 8 - 10.


It is not necessary to feed Euphylii, but they readily accept food in the form of small plankton such as copepods.

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Euphyllia Ancora

Euphyllia Ancora

Euphyllia Ancora

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