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Species description

Fungia is a beautiful coral with amazing coloration and is one of the few that can move. It feels best on the bottom of a reef aquarium, preferably lying on a fine sandy substrate. Fungia is easy to maintain in a reef aquarium and is an excellent candidate for the beginning reef aquarist. However, care should be taken when handling it to prevent damage. 

Site selection (aggression, flow, light)

It feels most comfortable on the bottom of a reef aquarium, preferably lying on a fine, sandy substrate. Low to medium lighting works well for this species. PAR between 50-150

Flow - moderate

Fungia likes very little to moderate traffic.

Water parameters

It is important to maintain adequate calcium levels (420-440 ppm), alkalinity (8-9.5 dkh), magnesium levels (1260-1350 ppm). Nitrates should be below 10 ppm, and phosphates below 0.10 ppm. It is important to replace phosphate media when phosphates rise to 0.10 ppm. We recommend using Strontium, calcium, and trace elements.


Like most corals, Fungia relies heavily on zooxanthellae products that live in the coral's tissues for its energy needs. However, in our experience, direct feeding of the coral with foods such as frozen foods, dry foods and liquid foods translates into faster growth, better coloration and an overall improvement in the coral's condition.

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Cycloseris sp.

Cycloseris sp.

Fungia sp

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