Acropora Tenuis


Acropora Sp. 

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Description of the species

Acropora are animals belonging to the species of hard corals . They are among the most common corals of our time. There are almost 150 species. These corals live on the coral reefs of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Acropora colonies reach, depending on the species, up to more than a meter in height in the case of bushy colonies and up to 5 meters in diameter in the case of species developing on a plateau.

Site selection

The minimum size of an aquarium for breeding is about 150 liters in volume. Lighting: very strong.


Water circulation: very strong

Water parameters

This species is sensitive to unstable water parameters, the tank should be low in nutrients (nitrates and phosphates). Water temperature: 24°C to 27°C Optimum water salinity:  1,024 - 1,026


Acropora feeds mainly through light by symbiotic algae (zooxanthellae), but it is worth feeding it with frozen foods like mysis, plankton, or foods specially prepared for SPS corals, then it grows much faster

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Acropora Tenuis

Acropora Tenuis

Acropora Sp. 

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