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Salifert Lodine l2 - test kropelkowy na jod (L2)

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Brand: Korallen Zucht

Korallen Zucht ZEObak 10 ml

Bacteria of a well-known German company.    for a healthy, properly balanced and effective bacterial fauna    contains several strains of bacteria that completely remove unwanted substances.    Corals can use dosed microorganisms as a food source.Dosage:1 drop per 100 liters, twice a week. Shake well before use.

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Seachem PhosGuard 500 mL

Preparation for removing phosphates and silicates, in the form of porous granules, for marine and freshwater aquariums.Phos Guard quickly and effectively removes phosphates and silicates from freshwater and marine aquariums. It is not recommended to use it in fresh water buffered with phosphorus compounds. The product has the form of porous granules,...

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Reference: 1-8-63


Thermo control - temperature monitor and manager

Thermo control - a device not only monitoring the temperature in the tank but also controlling cooling and heating.Presenting data and configuring the device online and through a browser on a laptop and an application on phones. The temperature image is presented in a very legible way. Thermo control also controls the heater and cooling to maintain the...

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Reef flare Pro hanger strings

Reef flare Pro hanger strings To zestaw do bezpośredniego zamocowania podwieszonych linek do lampy. Zestaw posiada możliwość regulacji, Linki zakończone są śrubkami, które wkręcamy bezpośrednio w obudowę lampy dzięki czemu uzyskujemy wyjątkowo mocne i trwałe mocowanie.

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