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copy of Reef Factory Base Pump 5000 pompa obiegowa Wifi - 1 Level sensor

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Reference: 1-8-63


Thermo control - temperature monitor and manager

Thermo control - a device not only monitoring the temperature in the tank but also controlling cooling and heating.Presenting data and configuring the device online and through a browser on a laptop and an application on phones. The temperature image is presented in a very legible way. Thermo control also controls the heater and cooling to maintain the...

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Reef flare Pro S 80W white

Reef flare PRO SMART and the most powerful light on the market Developed from the ground up, the creative team had a vision to create a sleek, low profile, lightweight fixture, that made no compromises on performance.   With a PAR output 200% higher than the previous model, the new Reef Flare Pro is the most technically advanced light on the market in...

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