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Triton (DI) Deionising Resin 5000ml


This resin is a ready-to-use mixture of strongly acid cation exchanger and strongly basic anion exchanger. The bed was developed for the production of high purity water - it can be used for the production of completely demineralized water without silica and carbon dioxide.

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Triton Reagents CaRx MEDIA Calcium Reactor 10kg

Triton CaRx Media is a high purity calcium reactor medium for use in professional care systems such as in the Triton method and can be used in combination with Triton Infusion. High purity media preventing problems that occur from contamination.No silting preventing the efficient operation of calcium reactorsStable Ca/Alk output from the reactorDissolves...

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Triton Core7 Base Elements 4x4000ml Bulk Edition

Core7 fluids are the latest formula in the BASE ELEMENTS super concentrate for use in the TRITON method. This concentrate combines the necessary macroelements with the scientific formulation of trace elements that are consumed and replenished daily in a reef aquarium.Does not require mixing / dilution with ultra pure RO / DI water.Information about the...

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Triton Reagents MgCl2 Hexahydrate Magnesium Increaser 4000g

Without magnesium, you would not be able to hold the proper amounts of calcium and alkalinity, and they would simply fall out of solution. Magnesium is essentially a buffer between calcium and alkalinity and is slowly consumed by corals, algae, and invertebrates, and in most reef tanks magnesium will need to be supplemented over time.    Instructions:...

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Triton RTN - X

Derived through TRITON?s unique scientific work in N-DOC lab testing and establishing the TRITON N-C-P Ratio. STN-X is a slow tissue necrosis inhibitor which will aid against bacterial types of slow tissue necrosis.STN-X was derived through TRITON?s unique scientific work in N-DOC lab testing establishing the TRITON N:C:P Ratio. It can be used to aid...

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