Terms and conditions of use

Regulations of the Crazy Coral store


1. The company's online store located on the website www.crazycoral.pl allows you to make purchases via the Internet.
2. The owner of the Crazy Coral brand and the crazycoral.pl online store is GetSales sp. Z oo, Janowiec Wieś 22/1, 88- 430 Janowiec Wielkopolski, NIP 5621803382, KRS 0000439196, Regon: 341352670. Registration / registration authority: District Court in BYDGOSZCZY , XIII ECONOMIC DEPARTMENT OF THE NATIONAL COURT REGISTER
3. The stationary store is located at: Żołędowo ul. Jastrzębia 12, any returns or correspondence should be sent to this address.
3. Prices of goods in the online store www.crazycoral.pl are given in Polish zlotys and include VAT (they are gross prices). At the customer's request, we issue VAT invoices.


1. The condition for the purchase is the correct completion of the order form.
2. In the event of circumstances preventing the completion of the order in full or temporarily, Crazy Coral reserves the right to suspend the execution of the order - it undertakes to immediately notify the Ordering Party about the situation.
3. The purchased goods are delivered to the address indicated in the order form.
4. The customer has the right to choose the method of payment and delivery in accordance with the order form.
5. Crazy Coral reserves the right to fulfill specific orders up to 10 days (usually the order fulfillment time is 1-2 business days).
6. The ordered goods can be picked up in person in Żołędów after prior appointment.
7. If the product has a delivery date longer than 24 hours, it means that we do not have it in stock, and the given delivery time is approximate and may be changed. The 24h marking means that the goods or the animal are in stock. In the case of animals, shipment will take place after making an appointment with the customer.
8. Settlement of transactions by credit card and e-transfer is carried out via the transferuj.pl payment
9. All parcels should be opened in the presence of the courier and in the event of damage to the goods, a damage report should be drawn up. Otherwise, there are no grounds for considering the complaint of the transport service (please remember this in particular with fluorescent lamps and other glass and delicate items).


1. Goods offered in the online store www.crazycoral.pl are covered by the manufacturer's warranty and delivered with appropriate warranty cards or a receipt (excluding food, nutrients, preparations, water additives).
2. In the event of a complaint, please contact the shop or the appropriate manufacturer, provided that its address was given on the warranty card. The basis for initiating the complaint procedure is the warranty card, which the customer receives with the ordered goods, and / or the proof of purchase. The customer delivers the goods for repair at his own expense, unless the manufacturer's warranty states otherwise.
3. In the event of damage to the goods delivered by the courier, the basis for the complaint shall be the damage report drawn up upon receipt of the goods, proof of purchase and the original bill of lading.
4. The customer may return the goods purchased in our store without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of delivery. The refunded amount will be reduced by the shipping cost, even in the case of free delivery.
5. The basis for complaints about animals are photos taken immediately after delivery. The complaint will not be considered without providing the photos.


The administrator of personal data is the company GetSales sp z o.o.
Personal data is not shared with third parties or companies.
Within the meaning of the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883), it is advised that the personal data of customers will be processed in the data set in order to perform activities related to the handling of orders, the party to which are the customers.
Each customer has the right to access and change their personal data.

1. The animals sold by the crazycoral.pl store are quarantined, healthy and food-consuming. We feed all animals with frozen and / or dry food.
2. The minimum order amount for animals is PLN 350 (in animals only) for the shipment by PKP or PKS.
3. We send the animals in a conductor parcel from the Bydgoszcz Główna or PKS Bydgoszcz Główny stations.
4. Pets can be picked up in person in Żołedówo.
5. Animals are packed for dispatch at least one hour before dispatch (usually, however, about 30 minutes before the planned dispatch). The animals are placed in styroboxes, which protect them against temperature changes and damage. Each shipping date is agreed individually with the customer.
6. Before purchasing, please check whether there is a direct connection to the destination town by a railway depot that takes conductor shipments to your town.
7. It is possible to ship via Bla Bla car. Details are agreed individually