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Dosing pump x4


Dosing pump x4

Dosing pump x4  is a modern, easy to set up and use accurate dosing pump.  Convenient control and a number of smart solutions are the hallmarks of Reef Factory.  Thanks to modern technology, taking care of stable parameters in a marine tank has never been so easy. Dosing pump x4 from Reef Factory is an excellent choice for a responsible aquarist for whom convenience, dosing accuracy and stable parameters in the tank are most important.

Product Distinctions:

  • High dosing accuracy

  • Easy control and editing of doses from the within the Smart Reef App from anywhere

  • High durability of the dosing head, up to 1000 h of continuous operation

  • Quiet operation of dosing pumps

  • Compact size

  • Automatic dosing when integrated with Kh keeper Plus - additional option

The ideal pump is characterized by precise dosing, easy use and trouble-free operation.  All these features are the foundation of the new pump from Reef Factory. Dosing pump series is designed for dosing of the most important liquid supplements such as Ca, Mg and Kh, among others.

Smart functions in the Dosing pump

  • Control from the intuitive Smart Reef application for Android and IOS

  • Statistics of the dosed liquid amount 

  • Information about how much liquid is left in the container

  • Easy increase of a given parameter in time (the pump will add an extra dose in a given time)

You do not need any additional device to control it, all Reef Factory equipment is equipped with a WiFi module, so we can manage it from the application on your phone. 

The first use of the pump is a simple configurator, just specify the amount of liquid you want to dispense and the number of doses. The device itself prepares the dosing schedule, which you can easily adjust later to your own needs. 

Reef Factory offers the largest range of dosing pumps, which allows you to create any set.

  • Dosing pump 

  • Dosing pump X3

  • Dosing pump X4

  • Dosing pump Pro

  • Dosing pump Large

  • more coming soon

Broader Functionality:

  • Dosing of liquids with accuracy to 0.1ml. 

  • Schedule dosing

  • Import and export of schedules

  • Option to dose only on selected days of the week

  • Quick editing of doses 

  • "Manual Dosing" of an additional dose outside the schedule

  • Compact unit size

  • Easy installation

  • Quick setup and calibration

  • End-of-fluid reminders

  • Calibration reminders

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Dosing pump x4

Dosing pump x4




Dimensions and weight

Length 254 mm

Width 50 mm

Height 100 mm

Weight 640 g

Degree of protection IP 21

Pump parameters
Number of dosing heads 4

Durability of a hose 1000 h

Accuracy of dosing +/- 0.1 ml

Recommended minimum dosing dose 0.3 ml

Speed of dosing 25 ml/min

Power specification

Supply voltage 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz

Power consumption 0.5-4.0 W max


Accessory pack for Dosing pump - set of accessories including 4 sets of hoses in individual colors and brackets for their installation

Contents of the kit

  • Instruction manual

  • Main unit

  • 4 pcs dosing pump head for mounting

  • Colored tubing for dosing pump

  • 12 V 2A EU/UK/AU power supply

  • Neodymium magnet for resetting the unit

Product Details

Data sheet

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Reference: 1-8-131


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