About us

We are a wholesaler and shop work in marine aquariums industry.

Our company employs marine aquarium enthusiasts, and we specialize in the import and sale of animals and we co-produce Smart devices for marine aquaristics. We are also the exclusive wholesale distributor of the Triton brand in Poland. We have several product brands in our portfolio.

We also deal with comprehensive implementation of marine aquariums, including: professional consultancy, setting up, arrangement and servicing. Our priority is the high quality of our services and care for the development of such a beautiful hobby as marine aquaristics is undoubtedly.

Main areas:

sale of live animals
sale of products
setting up and servicing clients tanks
production of glass tanks, frames and cabinets

Our Center:
Crazy Coral ul. Jastrzębia 12, 86-021 Żołędowo

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