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Bartelt Coral Dip 100ml - usuwa pasożyty


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Reference: 1-7-66

Brand: Aquaforest

Aquaforest -NP Pro 10 ml

-NP Pro is a medium for probiotic bacteria designed for reef aquariums (Pro Bio S). The product contains biodegradable liquid polymers, which are an excellent source of carbon for probiotic bacteria. -NP Pro positively affects the organic mass distribution and reduces undesired NO3 and PO4 in the aquarium water. Contrary to typical polymers, -NP Pro as...

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Reference: 1-7-55

Brand: Aquaforest

Aquaforest LPS Food 30g

Granular food dedicated especially for LPS corals. AF LPS Food is rich in protein and highly nutritious fatty acids that are essential to the health of marine animals. We recommend to feed your corals 1 measuring spoon at night per 100 L (27 US gal) or directly targeted above your corals. All Aquaforest formulas are adopted to dispense 1 measure spoon at...

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Reference: 374

Dr.Bassleer Biofish Food Aloe L 60 g

Dr. Bassler Biofish Food aloes zawiera wszystkie wartościowe składniki znanej rośliny aloes. Aloes jest bogaty w acemannan dlatego podawanie tego pokarmu zapewni korzyści zdrowotne wynikające z jego składu. W dodatku aloes zawiera cenne enzymy, aminokwasy oraz składniki mineralne.

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